RHA (Rice Husk Ash).

The byproduct of the combustion process is "rice husk ash" Have a high SiO2 can be applied in

many industries such as steel, cement, fiber cement industry and so on.

The Main properties of RHA 

• Fine powder due to grind rice husks to a size smaller than 2 mm. Before entering

   the combustion system.

• Amorphous Silica has more than 95% due to good combustion technology.




  1. Amount of each chemical concentration reported is normalized to the total value of 100%
  2. Detection limit of the technique used is approximately 0.01wt%
  3. XRF technique/ instrument used could detect elements only between O-U.
  4. XRF technique is an elemental analysis technique. Concentrations of the compounds                       reported are calculated from the elemental values detected.
  5. Approximate parameters from sampling of  Nov 2014