Application of Rice Husk Ash





      Application of Rice Husk Ash in many industries

   1. metal industry (Steel Industry) to produce high-quality sheet steel foundry process (continuous casting). Some factories used RHA sprinkle the surface water basins metals (tundish) to prevent rapid cooling of the iron and steel so uniformly. The RHA has good thermal insulation properties and a high melting point. 

2. Industry, Cement and Concrete

RHA can be using mainly for 2 objectives

• replace Portland cement (Portland) to reduce the cost of producing bricks for construction.

• Use as an ingredient in the manufacture of high-strength concrete (high strength concrete).

3. Fiber Cement Industry (Fiber Cement) in the roof tiles and artificial materials.

4. Insect Protection (Control of Insect Pests in Stored Food Stuffs) have stated that farmers in some Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, RHA to prevent agricultural produce from pests by farmers with seeds mixed with rice husk ash. To prevent soy bean from Graham bean beetle by using the amount of RHA by 0.5% weight of soy bean , which has good results.

5. lightweight construction materialsRHA properties as insulation so that the developing countries

so RHA used to produce lightweight, translucent thermal insulation.

   6. Silicon Chips The wafers used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. (Semi-conductor) must use pure silicon. We are trying to develop RHA, which are mainly composed of silica is pure silica for use in this industry.

   7. Manufacturing refractory (Refractory Bricks) the RHA properties, good thermal insulation and a high melting point, so it has to import rice husk ash brick manufacturing refractory bricksor high heat.

   8. Vulcanising Rubber Several studies have reported specific to the use of rice husk ash in the rubber vulcanization box, which appears in laboratory experiments that the use of rice husk ash as a rubber processing aid. Vulcanising agent of rubber ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or rubber EPDM has advantages over the use of silica can be used as additive in EPDM rubber. 

   9. Absorbent gold complexes - thiourea (Adsorbent for a Gold-thiourea Complex) one step of the process of extracting gold from ore lumps is the use of activated carbon (activated carbon) absorbing compound. gold is in gold - thiourea, but the trial husk ash as adsorbent agents, activated carbon. The FDA is rice husk ash from the burn at temperatures of about 400-500 ° C can absorb it better than gold compounds activated carbon.

10. soil (Soil Ameliorant) is currently used rice husk ash for soil improvement. The data indicate that RHA can be used to improve the soil. The porous, thereby distributing water in the soil. It also found that the RHA to the soil and water acidity less.

There are a lots of researches about RHA application and the using of RHA will vary and widely on the future such as

- Use as fire extinguishing powder

- Used as abrasives in toothpaste.

- Using a combination of refractory and insulation.

- Active substances are filtered beer

- Used as an additive in paint production.

- Used in the production of films of sodium silicate.