Pichit power plant fuel to be used in the production of two types of diesel and rice husk by using diesel fuel for the start of the operation (Start up) only to warm the combustion chamber when the temperature setting to the desired level, the rice husk will be transport to the chamber, which is the main fuel into the combustion further.

Properties and composition of the rice husk which it was using as main fuel. The value of carbon (C): hydrogen (H): nitrogen (N): sulfur (S) was 40: 5.2: 2: 0.1, so that the rice husk fuel is appropriate because it burns well. There are elements of carbon and less emission of Sulfur Dioxide which usually found in Coal

Pichit power plant using a floating combustion technology (Suspension - fired), a system that uses rice husks as fuel in the power plant owned by Westinghouse Agri Tech company in the state of Louisiana. United States. As the prototype power plant in education and qualifications of machinery used at the power plant Phichit. With burning floating (Suspension - fired) makes high combustion efficiency. This saves fuel and rice husk ash quality. Can be used for many industries.

Pichit power plant quality control, environmental compliance reporting as well with the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment: EIA) as required by the Office of Environmental Policy and Planning.